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Addiction 1 (DVD)


Jocks Video Pac 115.

LaRue does a brilliant job of setting up each of the sex scenes in a series of vignettes that introduce all of the characters and hook-ups in about two minutes worth of footage. The pacing is great -- some of the characters jump right into the action, but others take their time and the heat builds slowly.

Brunet hunk Danny Vox excuses himself from Josh Weston on the sidelines of the dance floor, and in a flash the shirtless Rob Anthony moves in for the kill. Meanwhile, Latino hunks Alec Martinez and Danny Lopez are sucking face in the john, bartender Rob Romoni flirts with Brad Benton, and Tommy Brandt is showing off his dick for Danny Vox, who by now is at the urinal in the bathroom.

Surprisingly, Josh ends up with Alec and Danny Lopez. The three are a study in contrasts: Josh with his milky skin against Alec's cafe-au-lait body, Danny Lopez's youth with Alec's more mature hunkiness.

But back in the restroom, Tommy already has his dick in Danny Vox's mouth, and it's the start of an orgy scene that builds to such a crescendo it leaves you breathless. When bouncers Maxx Diesel and Ken Houser walk in on the action, they order the two to keep at it -- while they keep watch on the door. But, of course, the four are soon all going at it together, with Tommy sucking Maxx while furry Danny Vox chows down on Ken. Then the four switch up, with Tommy on Ken's dick while Danny Vox sucks Maxx. Then, all three lick and suck Maxx all over (which is totally believable, because this dude is a real stud, both in looks and attitude). With all of the action going on, the door-watching gets slack, and in walks Trent Atkins, who had earlier been thrown out of the bar by Ken and Maxx. Trent gets on his knees and services the other four, and then performs an amazing handstand so that all of the guys can get a taste of his tight little ass. The best part of the entire scene, however, is Tommy's performance when he gets on the countertop to be plowed by Ken -- he is so obviously in heaven, and Ken loves it. Tommy's perfect body is just too ripe, and too fuckable. In the end, Atkins gets coated with Maxx's load.

The scenes continue to mesh together throughout. While Rob Romoni and Brad are steaming up the windshield of a car in the parking lot, Alec, Danny Lopez, and Josh are going at it inside. And bartender Aiden has hooked up with the only loose cannon -- you guessed it, Rob Anthony.

Without a doubt, the three-way between Alec, Danny Lopez, and Josh is one of the hottest I've seen in some time. All three studs are so eager to suck, fuck, rim, and kiss, and their positions so fluid, that it's almost unbelievable. Alec has always been a favorite -- he and Danny Lopez are on fire here, and as for Josh, he absolutely revels in the attentions of the other two. The scene where Danny Lopez and Alec greedily take turns deep-throating Josh's rock-hard meat is fantastic -- there's so much spit flying over his dick that Josh can't help but moan and groan. Then the talented Danny Lopez tongue-fucks Josh's hairless butthole in tandem with sucking Alec's huge uncut cock. In the finale, Josh gets to fuck both Danny Lopez and Alec, and two more perfectly ripe butts have never appeared in gay porn. Josh pulls out of Alec's ass when the time comes to blow his load -- but he sticks two fingers in Alec's well-fucked ass while Alec cums.

Back out in the parking lot, Brad Benton and Rob Romoni are going at it, in the tight confines of a sports car. Even though there's a steering wheel, an emergency brake, and a gearshift in the way, the two manage to work around the space constraints beautifully, and LaRue's camera never misses a stroke of the action. Rob makes a very eager bottom, backing up his ass on Brad's fingers as the stud applies lube. But the two are ultra-versatile, and before the scene is over, it's Brad who is sitting on Rob's dick as he shoots. Rob keeps on shoving Brad's ass full of hard cock as the stud blows his load.

It's closing time at Addiction by now, and as everyone knows, that's when the bartenders get theirs. No, not tips -- sex. Aiden and Rob Anthony look great together, and they get right down to it, with Rob swallowing Aiden's monstrous dick whole. Aiden gets a taste of Rob's dick, too, but he gets an even better taste of Rob's asshole while Rob perches on a barstool with his legs up. Rob uses his well-lubed butt to sit on Aiden's dick, and Aiden pounds him from below, and then Aiden bends Rob over the bar and slides into him from behind. For the big finale, Rob plops his freshly plowed hole on Aiden's tongue while Aiden jerks off, then Rob blows his load with Aiden's tongue still planted deeply up his ass.

A Review by Martin Cox ( ) *** Highly, Highly Recommended ***

Starring Aiden Shaw, Josh Weston, Danny Vox, Maxx Diesel, Tommy Brandt, Brad Benton, Ken Houser, Alec Martinez, Trent Atkins, Rob Romoni, Danny Lopez, and in non-sexual roles Jack Ryan, Colby Taylor.

Directed by Chi Chi LaRue.

DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

A Falcon/Jocks DVD.

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Addiction 1 (DVD) Write a review | No reviews for this product.
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Write a review | No reviews for this product.