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Dink Flamingo/Active Duty Video

Active Duty Videos are from Dink Flamingo, former guest director for the legendary Dirk Yates. Dink has refined the art of enticing young, hung beautiful military guys out of their clothes in front of the camera. He brings a fresh perspective and Southern charm to get these guys to do all sorts of things they normally wouldn't!

battle-of-the-bottoms-3_tn.jpg Battle of the Bottoms 3 (DVD)
$49.88 $28.00 On Sale!
So much fresh meat, so little time! Quentin Gainz is back to show new recruit Johnny what bottoming is all about! He was nervous at first, but as they got into the swing of things, this newbie showed his natural talents! Ivan James goes ‘all in’ with first timer Will. These two have real chemistry together and it shows. Lastly we have to new recruits, Justin Grey and Jason who give us a front row seat as they stroke their massive man bones until they shoot their loads and smile for the camera! Starring: Ivan James, Jason, Johnny Will, Justin Grey, Quentin Gainz. An Active Duty DVD.
basic_training-redo.jpg Basic Training (DVD) Dink Flamingo
Haus blows his load right in the Sarge's face and and Sgt. Lex licks the grunt's cock clean. As Hunter gets close he takes his cock in hand and jerks off a load right in Lex's face and open mouth then the cum hungry Drill Sgt. goes right back to sucking Hunter's cum covered cock. Sgt. Lex has not cum yet but he's about ready to fix that as he leans back and sprays a load of jism all over Haus' chest and belly.
alpha_tango_acd_tn.jpg Alpha Tango (DVD
$49.88 $9.88 On Sale!
Alpha Tango boasts two incredibly sexy scenes. One where Jake gets dragged across the line a bit more thanks to the talented skills of Blake and another with a heated threeway featuring Austin, Dorian and the newest recruit, Shawn. Starring Austin, Blake, Dorian, Jake, Shawn. Directed by Dink Flamingo. An Active Duty DVD.
Bareback Barracks Buddies 3 (DVD)
$49.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Earlier, Jamie and I had talked about a fake call coming in that would make him have to exit the scene just as Cheyenne was ready to get fucked. Hey, what else was I to do? I knew that Kody didn't want to fuck a guy in his first video and as long as there was someone else to do it, that he probably wouldn't. So, Jamie exits the picture and Kody is left with his finger up Cheyenne's hot boyhole. Cheyenne doesn't know the trick that Jamie and I have pulled, but he wants his ass fucked by someone and Kody is the only person left. The two of them get into a sixty-nine for a bit then Kody gets down between Cheyenne's legs and sucks his cock good and long, bringing Cheyenne to an explosive cumshot. After Cheyenne is done blowing all his wad, Kody takes his cock back into his mouth and takes the last few drops of cum into his throat. Mmm ... mmm.
covert_missions_16_tn.jpg Covert Missions 16 (DVD)
$49.88 $9.88 On Sale!
For all you fans of the Covert Missions series, here's a DVD for the lovers of Jimmy! He stars in three of the movie's four scenes, including two with Brock. Such a trooper, he is! Plus, "Covert Missions 16" includes a solo with Kenny. Starring: Jimmy, Kenny, Brock MB. An Active Duty DVD.
covert_missions_3_acd_tn.jpg Covert Missions 3 (DVD)
$49.88 $19.88 On Sale!
For your next mission, Willie, you must train our new recruit Nate... Objectives include touching, oral and anal penetration. I will send one other soldier to aid you in your mission. You must record it, and we can only hope this evidence doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Directed by Mike. An Active Duty DVD.
covert_missions_5_tn.jpg Covert Missions 5 (DVD)
$49.88 $9.88 On Sale!
In this Covert Mission, new recruits Johnny, Chris, Michael, Alex and Chet are ready for action. Objectives include deep anal penetration and loads of oral pleasure. You must complete your task in order to ensure our safety. You must record it, and we can only hope this evidence doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Starring: Alex, Chet, Chris, Johnny, Michael. Directed by: Mike. An Active Duty DVD.
covert_missions_6_tn.jpg Covert Missions 6 (DVD)
$49.88 $9.88 On Sale!
A new mission has been bestowed upon recruits Johnny, Chris, Alex and Dan who have been called for duty in Covert Missions 6. Objectives include jerking off and lots of oral pleasure. You must complete your task in order to ensure our safety. You must record it, and we can only hope this evidence doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Starring: Alex, Chris, Dan, Johnny. Directed by: Mike. An Active Duty DVD.
direct_orders_dink_flamingo_tn.JPG Direct Orders (DVD)
$49.88 $9.88 On Sale!
Direct Orders have been issued to five fierce soldiers, for a fuck fest of epic proportions! First off, Dane and Conrad engage in some one on one action and Conrad is clearly no match for the massive Dane but can he make him cum? The four-way finale between DJ, Conrad, Blake and Dallas starts off quite innocent before they all gang up on Blake. All three other soldiers punish Blakes ass and mouth before cumming all over him and each other.   Starring: Blake, Conrad, Dallas, Dane, DJ.   Directed by: Dink Flamingo.   An Active Duty DVD.  
direct_orders_3_active_duty_tn Direct Orders 3 (DVD)
$49.88 $9.88 On Sale!
The third installment of Direct Orders is here and these boys are ready for some hardcore fucking. Dane, Dorian, and Elijah heat things up when Elijah latches onto Dorain’s cock first, and then Dana follows his lead. After a lengthy exchange of oral pleasure between the three soldiers, a hot steamy fuck party begins! New recruits Taylor and Marshall are in for some big treats when they encounter hung veteran Kayden and DJ in this super sexy fourway fuck fantasy. Kayden and DJ take charge at the beginning of the scene but before you know it Taylor is fucking his first ass like a pro and Marshall’s taking his first cock up the ass! Includes Marshall’s solo as a bonus scene! Starring: Dane, Dorian, Elijah, Kayden, Marshall, DJ. Directed by: Dink Flamingo. An Active Duty DVD.
double_time_active_duty_tn.jpg Double Time (DVD)
$49.88 $9.88 On Sale!
Double your pleasure watching three full intense duo scenes featuring hot straight exclusive Active Duty military men! Starring Domenic, DJ, Cash, Damien, DJ, Chaz. Directed by Dink Flamingo. An Active Duty DVD.
fraternizing-forces-4_tn.jpg Fraternizing Forces 4 (DVD)
$49.88 $19.88 On Sale!
Fresh recruit Bridger bridges the gap between senior officer Quentin and cocky cadet Austin by topping both their meaty asses the same way with his signature hard-pounding style. Rank doesn't mean nothin' when you're bent over like a bitch and moaning for more cock! Plus see both Bridger and Austin's recruitment vids on DVD for the first time! Starring: Quentin, Bridger, Austin. An Active Duty DVD.
gung_ho_3_tn.jpg Gung Ho 3 (DVD)
$49.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Gung Ho veterans Joey, Able and Brian are ready to initiate new recruits Dorian, Shawn and Chaz with some big dick action! Something hot is bound to happen when you throw veterans like our wild boy Chaz and that sexy deer-hunting, camo-wearing country boy Brian into the mix with a newbie like Shawn that means business. And hot did happen in this scene from Gung Ho 3 as these three troopers get down to some serious mansex and deliver a smokin' scene to leave us all drooling. Starring Dorian, Shawn, Chaz, Joey, Able, Brian. Directed by Dink Flamingo. An Active Duty DVD.
rear_admiral_acd_tn.jpg Rear Admiral 1 (DVD)
$49.88 $9.88 On Sale!
Join the Rear Admiral in admiring the rears of some of the hottest military men ever brought together for the purpose of sucking and fucking. For your education and entertainment, Chaz, Adam, Kaden and Spencer show you how it's done. Real military men having wild gay sex! Adam and Spencer start the ball rolling; then Spencer, Kaden and Chaz pick up the pace and bring this episode to an amazing climax! Starring Adam, Chaz, Kaden, Spencer. Directed by Dink Flamingo. An Active Duty DVD.
rear_admiral_2_acd_tn.jpg Rear Admiral 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $9.88 On Sale!
Join 5 sexy young straight military men as they experience the peaks of pleasure with oral, rimming, fucking, toys and domination! First, Domenic gets fucked for the 1st time by eager Chaz and big-dicked Cole. These amateurs have done this before, and they take no mercy on Domenic, who turns out to be a natural. Then Damien takes orders from Rear Admiral Spencer, who makes him suck and fuck an enormous 12” dildo before he fucks his ass and explodes! Starring Domenic, Chaz, Cole, Damien, Spencer. An Active Duty / Dink Flamingo DVD.
rear_admiral_3_tn.jpg Rear Admiral 3 (DVD)
$49.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Rear Admiral Spencer is back and this time he has 3 new recruits to train! First off is blonde-haired, blue-eyes Gage, who is tough, street-wise and chiseled! He and Spencer stroke and suck each other until Gage blows his load in Spencer’s mouth! Then Spencer and Gage are back with new recruits Gio and Randy who gets his first lesson in cock sucking before topping Gage with his huge dick! Gio had a great round ass that Gage eats before Spencer plows it hard and creams him in the face! Starring Spencer, Gage, Giovanni, Randy. Directed by Dink Flamingo. An Active Duty Productions DVD.
rear_march_2_tn.jpg Rear March 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Tuffy takes his first cock ever and two soldiers (Dirk and Luke) give it to him. Tuffy is making faces and groaning the whole time but you couldn't pry him off of Dirk's dick! Directed by Dink Flamingo An Active Duty / Dink Flamingo DVD.