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guerilla-troops-2_tn Guerilla Troops 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $28.00 On Sale!
Active Duty is please to present Guerrilla Troops 2 - Mathias has a sexy hard and very veiny dick that looks like it's ready to explode at any moment. Once their dicks have had enough mouth Mathias mounts up and does what he does best. Mathias begins to push his big dick into Richard's tight round ass balls deep and once he does that's when his rhythm starts. Jay and Ripley are eager to get started as they start sucking each other off right away. Jay is first to get a nice hard cock in his mouth as he gags on Ripley's throbbing dick. Soon after Ripley is gagging on Jay's cock and balls. They fondle each other's sexy bodies until Jay bends Ripley over and slowly pushes his eager dick into his Ripley's tight ass. Solos from newcummers Jack R and Rick Sanchez round out this hot DVD. Starring: Jack R, Jay Ice, Mathias, Richard Buldger, Rick Sanchez, Ripley. An Active Duty DVD.
ambushed-7_tn Ambushed 7 (DVD)
$49.88 $28.00 On Sale!
Veteran Princeton Price takes on fresh recruits Diego and Phillip Fox in a hot military three-way that commands attention! Quentin Gainz, Princeton Price, Craig Cameron, Ryan Jordan, Zack Matthews and Ripley switch it up as they join forces to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas! Spend a satisfying solo session with sexy Tex Long and really get to know Active Duty’s newest recruit. Watch rookie recruit Omar Azaro conquer his shyness by jerking his cock for the camera at his Active Duty debut! Starring: Craig Cameron, Diego, Omar Azaro, Phillip Fox, Princeton Price, Quentin Gainz, Ripley, Ryan Jordan, Tex Long, Zack Matthews. An Active Duty DVD.
bareback-army-grunts-2_tn Bareback Army Grunts 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $28.00 On Sale!
Active Duty is proud to present Bareback Army Grunts 2 - This time we have two of our favorite veterans hooking up for the first time. And when I say "for the first time," I really mean it in Craig Cameron's case! Yes, this is a little bit of a rewind to Craig's VERY first time hooking up with another dude! At this point, Craig had only jerked his cock for us. Craig is lucky here to get matched up with our unofficial squad captain, Quentin Gainz. Next up is Princeton and Dominic. These vets waste no time and the first one to hit the field running is Dominic who dives mouth first onto Princeton's waiting hard cock. Starring: Craig Cameron, Dominic, Elye Black, Princeton Price, Quentin Gainz, Rix. An Active Duty DVD.
bareback-barrage-4_tn.jpg Bareback Barrage 4 (DVD)
$49.88 $28.00 On Sale!
It’s time for another round of balls-deep fuck sessions between horny soldiers. James comes full circle and joins Scott Millie in a fantastic skin on skin fuck-a-thon. We then have Chase and Flip, two boys that look incredible doing positively anything, especially fucking! Finally, meet the latest recruits, Damien and Jacob, and watch them give Active Duty all they’ve got in their first ever on-camera solos! Starring: Chase, Damien, Flip, Jacob, James, Scott Millie. An Active Duty DVD.
bareback-barrage-5_tn Bareback Barrage 5 (DVD)
$49.88 $28.00 On Sale!
Active Duty is proud to present Bareback Barrage 5 - Take a look at this new hunk! His name is Rick Tolls and he's matched up with our reliable, go-to stud, Ryan Jordan. Rick has NEVER hooked up with another dude before, but he's stripping down on camera so we can watch his first time. Next up it's our fresh-faced, fuck machine, Scott, paired up with a sexy recruit we've only seen a couple times before, James Devlin. Awesome solos from Phillip Fox and Dominic Chavez round out this fantastic DVD. Starring: Dominic Chavez, James Devlin, Phillip Fox, Rick Tolls, Ryan Jordan. An Active Duty DVD.
bareback-tactics-acd_tn Bareback Tactics (DVD)
$49.88 $28.00 On Sale!
There's no question Ripley was cut out for our little squad. He's got the look, the intensity, and, of course, the body! Next up we have a bit of a throwback because we've already "grown" to love him, but this is Dante's first actual encounter with another guy! He had just cum off his solo and was feeling eager, so we hooked him up with our best and brightest, Quentin Gainz, of course! Starring: Dane Stewart, Dante, Kevin Reed, Quentin Gainz, Ripley Grey, Zack Matthews. An Active Duty DVD.
bareabck-tactics-2_tn Bareback Tactics 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $28.00 On Sale!
Ryan Jordan and Richard Buldger are back for some one on one action and OMG is this one sexy, hot fucking and deep pounding scene. These two hear throbs begin in our classic relaxation mode where they become comfortable with each other. Ryan being the dominate soldier he is tops the fuck out of Richard deep and hard. He has to start out slow though easing Richard into it with that big dick of his. The intense fucking that Princeton gives Ripley Grey is hard and deep. Ripley loves to comment on how great that hard dick feels as it fucks him. The passion continues to reverberate off these two amazing beautiful men throughout the entire scene. Two more sexy solos round out this hot DVD! Starring: Edward Teach, Kevin Grey, Princeton Price, Richard Buldger, Ripley Grey, Ryan Jordan. An Active Duty DVD.
battle-of-the-bottoms-3_tn.jpg Battle of the Bottoms 3 (DVD)
$49.88 $28.00 On Sale!
So much fresh meat, so little time! Quentin Gainz is back to show new recruit Johnny what bottoming is all about! He was nervous at first, but as they got into the swing of things, this newbie showed his natural talents! Ivan James goes ‘all in’ with first timer Will. These two have real chemistry together and it shows. Lastly we have to new recruits, Justin Grey and Jason who give us a front row seat as they stroke their massive man bones until they shoot their loads and smile for the camera! Starring: Ivan James, Jason, Johnny Will, Justin Grey, Quentin Gainz. An Active Duty DVD.
battle-of-the-bottoms-4_tn Battle of the Bottoms 4 (DVD)
$49.88 $28.00 On Sale!
Active Duty is proud to present Battle of the Bottoms # 4 - Ryan Jordan is back with Ripley and they haven't been seen together in quite a while. Ripley doesn't waste any time once he sees Ryan's hard cock standing straight up in the air. He wraps his eager lips around it and begins to deep throat. Ryan wants a taste of Ripley's very thick cock. Billie Starz is back for more! He did amazing in his sexy solo debut back in March and now he's ready for the next step in becoming a true veteran. Dominic is the lucky vet and who better than Billie to fuck that nice round bubble butt of Dominic's. Solos from Brock Banner and Jack Bane complete this awesome DVD. Starring: Billie Starz, Brock Banner, Dominic, Jake Bane, Ripley Grey, Ryan Jordan. An Active Duty DVD.
battle-of-the-bulge-6_tn.jpg Battle of the Bulge 6 (DVD)
$49.88 $28.00 On Sale!
On this DVD we meet Jason. Without much experience, his task is to become a complete soldier is high. But luckily for him, our veteran Quentin Gainz is here to take him under his wing. Feeling confident, Jason decides to take Quentin right away into his mouth. Young and eager to perform, nothing is too huge for him. Right after, his “trainer” shows him the way a cock has to be sucked. And when Quentin feels his protégé is ready for the next step, he opens his ass and takes “the new generation” up all the way, on the desk and on the bed! Enjoy this and much more! Starring: Chase, Dante, David Prime, Jason, Mikey, Quentin Gainz. An Active Duty DVD.
battlefield-threesomes-acd_tn Battlefield Threesomes (DVD)
$49.88 $28.00 On Sale!
Active Duty presents us the first one Battlefield Threesomes! Our privates do well in duos, now let’s see how they’ll handle themselves in trios! Luckily for us, we have plenty of veterans like Chase, Quentin & Princeton… but the real question is will the recruits meet our sexy expectations? A lot of pressure, a lot of ripped and tight bodies, a lot of stamina and a lot of asses needing to be unclenched. Wanna know how it ends? Then give this DVD a shot! Starring: Chase, Craig Cameron, Diego, Jay Ice, Phillip Fox, Princeton Price, Quentin Gainz. An Active Duty DVD.
behind-the-line-6_tn Behind the Line 6 (DVD)
$49.88 $28.00 On Sale!
Active Duty present Behind The Line 6, the next mission for our intrepid soldiers. Matthew and Scott make a dynamic duo that is sure to end in an epic explosion of hot jizz. The amazing trio of Ivan, Quentin and Scott will leave you with fappy memories for weeks! Finally, we get to know two new privates: Craig and Johnny, who both work hard to convince us that they are ready to join the Active Duty crew. Starring: Matthew, Ivan, Scott, Quentin, Craig, Johnny. An Active Duty DVD.
fraternizing-forces-6_tn Fraternizing Forces 6 (DVD)
$49.88 $28.00 On Sale!
Active Duty is proud to present Fraternizing Forces 6. There's so much chemistry between Chase and Jason, I'm not surprised this one ended with a couple serious explosions. This was Chase's very first time being fucked in the ass and we're overjoyed he chose to do it here with us! Matthew Reeves matched up with Dante, and they sure out did themselves. Matthew is first to suggest a little fooling around, and Dante doesn't hesitate to lean over and take Matthew's growing cock into his mouth before getting on all fours and taking it balls deep! Enjoy these and much more! Starring: Chase, Dante, Jason, Matthew Reeves, Rocke, Zach. An Active Duty DVD.
friendly-fire-7_tn Friendly Fire 7 (DVD)
$49.88 $28.00 On Sale!
Active Duty presents Friendly Fire 7. On this mission, we welcome a new recruit: Brad. He once did a great solo for us, but it took a whole month to convince himself to go on and push further to accomplish what the others soldiers have done. And now, one of our veterans, Zack, will train him in the art of how to pound a man! To put him in the mood, he first sucks Brad’s cock and then he offers him his tight ass. They both gave everything they’ve got, and we get to watch it all! Enjoy it and much more! Starring: Brad Powers, Dominic, James Devlin, Zack Matthews. An Active Duty DVD.
guerilla-troops-acd_tn Guerilla Troops (DVD)
$49.88 $28.00 On Sale!
Active Duty is proud to present Guerrilla Troops - We have some of our favorite vets joining us today for some hot soldier action. Back with us again are Princeton and Craig. They are eager to get this scene going and very eager to unleash some hot loads. Starring: Billie Starz, Craig Cameron, Dane Stewart, Mathias, Princeton Price, Ryan Jordan. An Active Duty DVD.
raw-brigade-acd_tn Raw Brigade (DVD)
$49.88 $28.00 On Sale!
Active Duty is proud to present RAW Brigade - It doesn't get any hotter than these two fresh hunks. It's Aston Springs and Jay Ice, both guys who've done solos for us, and are now dipping their toes in the waters of experimenting on camera with a fellow recruit. Right from the very jump, these two brought the passion up to a crazy high level. The next two recruits are a couple of my recent favorites. It's Princeton Price along with Scott, a matchup I can't believe we're having for the first time. Princeton makes the first move, leaning over and taking Scott's hard dick into his mouth. You gotta love Scott's big, thick cock. Add to this 2 more sizzling scenes of army boy action and you have one hell of a DVD! Starring: Aston Springs, Damon, Jay Ice, Max, Princeton Price, Scott. An Active Duty DVD.
ready-reserves-7_tn Ready Reserves 7 (DVD)
$49.88 $28.00 On Sale!
Active Duty presents Ready Reserve 7. On this mission, we meet with Princeton. Already used to these kind of duties (he completed another mission on First Strike 5), he’s ready to get back into the “field”. And, if one veteran wasn’t enough, we teamed him up with one of the biggest superstars, Mr. Quentin Gainz. Always somewhere on duty, Quentin has no need to prove anything to anyone any more. Private Gainz is pure natural talent. They both turn each other on with some hot cock sucking action, and without any further notice, start to ride each other huge cocks. The task is hard, but not as hard as their dicks! Starring: Chase, Princeton Price, Quentin Gainz, Ripley Grey, Scott Millie, Tristan. An Active Duty DVD.
rear-gunners-6_tn Rear Gunners 6 (DVD)
$49.88 $28.00 On Sale!
Rear Gunners is back with a fresh new group of horny soldiers who know how to use their guns! Ricky Stance and Scott Millie are an amazing duo, a real sexual force of nature. Jake Grey takes Johnny to another level of sexual awareness! These gents are top of their class, they never fail to make the grade! Finally, enjoy newcummers Josua Kelly and Nathan Vine as they show off what they’ve got in store for Active Duty fans. You know you’re in good hands when you have these gunners backing you up! Starring: Jake Grey, Johnny, Joshua Kelly, Natan Vine, Ricky Stance, Scott Millie. An Active Duty DVD.
rear-gunners-7_tn Rear Gunners 7 (DVD)
$49.88 $28.00 On Sale!
Active Duty is proud to present Rear Gunners 7 - Scott is back with us again and if you haven't seen him alone you should check him out stroking his dick. Scott has that young delicious look that makes you want to lick his body up and down. He's been with some great vets in the past and he can pound some ass, just check out the latest scene he is in. Starring: Max J, Quentin Gainz, Ricardo Trujillo, Richard Buldger, Rix, Scott. An Active Duty DVD.
reenlisted-3_tn.jpg Reenlisted 3 (DVD)
$49.88 $28.00 On Sale!
“Whatever floats your boats and goes with the flow”: That’s the thought of Dink Flamingo’s soldiers in Reenlisted 3. On this DVD, we meet again private Chase, growing in confidence as he appears more and more in Active Duty movies. His colleges, Will & Johnny, are willing to go on a mission with him, and his brutal desires. Everything seems under control, the guys are hitting off and dicks are getting sucked, and all of the sudden, after a phone call, Johnny has to leave! No problem. Will takes over and ends the mission with his mouth and his tight ass to free Chase from his load. Enjoy this and much more! Starring: Anthony Banks, Chase, Ivan James, Ryan Jordan, Scott, Will. An Active Duty DVD.
reenlisted-4_tn Reenlisted 4 (DVD)
$49.88 $28.00 On Sale!
Active Duty presents Reenlisted 4. Boy, do we have a fun time on our hands with THESE two stud muffins! It's one of our most beloved cadets, dreamy Zack Matthews, matched up with an extremely sexy recruit who we've enjoyed a couple times before, Mr. Princeton Price. This is Princeton's FIRST time taking a hard cock into his tight hole. This is Zack taking his tender virginity! Next up, who better to break in a fresh recruit than the one and only Ryan Jordan?! Ryan is back and he's giving a lesson to sweet, inexperienced Tyler Marshall. And to complete this DVD, solos from Aston & Richard! Starring: Aston Springs, Princeton Price, Richard Buldger, Ryan Jordan, Tyler Marshall, Zack Matthews. An Active Duty DVD.
reenlisted-5_tn Reenlisted 5 (DVD)
$49.88 $28.00 On Sale!
The best of the best is back and that's Quentin Gainz, one of our best combat veterans by far. He's back with Mathias who has never been with a man and only did a solo with us which was amazing and one of the reasons we brought him back. Once Quentin saw pictures of him we brought him back from leave and now Quentin's the lucky guy to pop Mathias' man cherry. Starring: Fernando, Ken, Mathias, Princeton Price, Quentin Gainz, Ryan Jordan. An Active Duty DVD.
ripped-recruits-6_tn.jpg Ripped Recruits 6 (DVD)
$49.88 $28.00 On Sale!
Boy, we just keep getting so lucky with these handsome fresh recruits, rolling on in to try their hands at something new. Starting off is fresh recruit is Jacob and that something new is Ryan Jordan's fat, swollen cock! Allen Lucas is exactly the man for the job of initiating brand new boy, Gabriel Watson into the fold. Sucking his dick was plenty to convince Gabriel to take the ultimate leap and try fucking his first guy! Starring: Allen Lucas, Dante, Gabriel Watson, Jacob, Jake Grey, Ryan Jordan. An Active Duty DVD.
ambushed-4_tn.jpg Ambushed 4 (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
New recruit Adam's full bush is on full display as he ambushes two of our most seasoned soldier sluts, Evan and Dan, and dominates their holes on camera. Adam takes both of these pros to task sucking, fucking and 69ing his way to alpha male status. Plus, hardened vet Drew shoves his even harder cock in lucky private Wes' throat and ass, and burly bottom Nate gets his cherry popped by our resident newbie nailer, Tim. 4 hot hardcore scenes featuring real soldiers that can't get enough of man-on-man sex! Starring: Adam, Dan, Evan. An Active Duty DVD.
ambushed-5_tn.jpg Ambushed 5 (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
Active Duty is proud to present Ambushed 5 – where six studly soldiers serve their country by getting naked for your viewing pleasure. Recruit Brad Davis is back for more and uses his chiseled body and mouth-watering cock to give Johnny a serious pounding. Major Allen Lucas is eager to show recruit Jerry Price the ropes and how to take an experienced dick up the ass. Finally, adorable and fresh-faced rookies Johnny Thompson and Chazz have their very first on-camera solo experiences to prove to Active Duty fans everywhere that they have what it takes to join this horny platoon. Starring: Johnny, Brad Davis, Allen Lucas, Jerry Price, Johnny Thompson, Chazz. An Active Duty DVD.
ambushed-6-acd_tn.jpg Ambushed 6 (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
Active Duty is proud to present Ambushed 6. Spunky AD veteran Ivan James gives newer recruit Dominic a hard slamming. Matthew Reeves is back after his incredible solo debut, but this time he takes his training to the next level with the addition of our hungry bottomed soldier, Colton Phobos. Finally, you’ll witness Matthew Reeves’ original solo as well as Chase jerking it off to impress the best Active Duty fans. Starring: Chase, Colton Phobos, Dominic, Ivan James, Matthew Reeves. An Active Duty DVD.
bareback-barrage-2_tn.jpg Bareback Barrage 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
Active Duty goes back to Basic Training to hear from our commanding officers - you, the viewers - what they wanna see most. Their answer? Bareback! Well, wait no longer, because Active Duty has gone back to bareback full time! Starring: Markie, Gage, Seth, Jeremy Diesel. An Active Duty DVD.
bareback-barrage-3_tn.jpg Bareback Barrage 3 (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
Active Duty presents Bareback Barrage 3. It’s time for another raw session between horny soldiers. After having previously shot his first solo, Mike Hollister is now ready to try real, bareback sex for the first time with Dominic. Colby Foust has his first gay experience and goes all-in with Nico. Finally, meet the latest recruits, Jordan Graves and Tyler Seid, and watch them give Active Duty all they’ve got in their first ever on-camera solos. Starring: Colby Foust, Dominic, Jordan Graves, Mike Hollistrer, Nico, Tyler Seid. An Active Duty DVD.
battle-of-the-bottoms-2_tn.jpg Battle Of The Bottoms 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
Three sex-starved soldiers compete to be the hungriest, horniest bottom in the bedroom! First Sawyer comes back from a long leave of absence to knock combat boots with fiery flip-flopper Niko. Then Sawyer goes toe-to-toe and cock-to-ass with fellow vers veteran Jaxon, shooting first and letting the loads land where they may. Plus, dont miss the debut solos of new recruits, Eric and Mark, who are just as eager to show what their holes are good for! Starring: Eric, Jaxon, Mark, Niko, Sawyer. An Active Duty DVD.
battle-of-the-bulge-4_tn.jpg Battle of the Bulge 4 (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
Ranking veteran Sawyer squares off against recent recruits Quentin and Dominic in a battle of bulges, butts and balls-deep bareback action! Who wins out between our more senior soldier Sawyer and our most popular newcomer Quentin, or does it even matter when these hot fuckers get on all fours for each other and bring Dominic along for the ride on a fightin' men's fuck-train with Quentin giving and receiving at the same time! It's the first on-camera threesome for all of them and they damn well make it count! Starring: Dominic, Sawyer, Quentin, Alex, Johnny. An Active Duty DVD.