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Manwatcher (DVD)

Manwatcher DVDManwatcher DVD Back

The Hot Kristen Bjorn video "Manwatcher" comes to DVD!manwatcher_pic1.jpg Synopsis: Embark upon a voyeuristic journey to a tropical, sensual paradise of red-hot hunks from around the globe. Fifteen of the world's hottest men have been caught in the heat and passion of the moment, as only Kristen Bjorn knows how to show you. Don't miss it!" Winner: 4 GayVN Awards 1998 (Best Video, Best Director, Best Videography, Best Renting) Winner: 2 Hard Choice Awards 1998 (Best Video, Most Romantic) Winner: 2 1999 Grabby Awards (Best Director, Most Romantic)

manwatcher_pic2.jpgMANWATCHER has a simple, but believable plot, mouthwatering models, erotic cum drenched sex, impeccable settings, and solid editing in the Bjorn tradition. Whether a Bjorn aficionado or newcomer, any viewer will appreciate his latest effort...Needless to say, all the models are buffed sporting hard pecs and even harder cocks...There are 60 loads delivered here, and average of one eruption every two minutes. Rating: 4 stars plus (highest rating ever given by GCM) - GAY CHICAGO MAGAZINE

manwatcher_pic3.jpgIf it's at all possible, porn legend Kristen Bjorn has actually managed to top himself in his new opus, Man Watcher. We won't bore you with the details about how hot the men are and how good they look, or even mention that once again his locations beat anything that Hollywood could manage to find. The big news on Man Watcher is that Bjorn has "come of age" in the intimacy and sensuality department. While many of the trademark camera angles are still there for us to enjoy, he has managed to add a sense of spontinaity to the entire endeavor. - Alfredo for MAN-SEX.COM

manwatcher_pic4.jpg"With ManWatcher, Kristen Bjorn has achieved the unbelievable. He has actually managed to out-do every video he has ever produced. Kristen Bjorn, who has become famous for making the best porn in the world, has actually created his own best porn, and it will no doubt create quite a stir with both audiences and porn award judges. ManWatcher is clearly among the best movies that can possibly come out this year. We can only hope that it sets a standard which the rest of the porn industry will try to live up to. As far as grading goes, ManWatcher gets more than an A, it gets a fucking A plus. With 59 cumshots, ManWatcher's six sex scene seem more like 30 sex scenes. It's cast is amazing, spectacular, out of this world. It's packed with passion, romance, and overwhelming energy. The locations are stunning, and the production quality is exceptional. If we ever had to make a top ten list of all-time great pornos, ManWatcher would be there. Check it out for yourself, and you'll probably agree".


manwatcher_pic5.jpg"Five Stars" - ADULT VIDEO NEWS "While most videos, and video watchers satisfy themselves with five or six guys in scenes lasting 72.45 minutes, Bjorn always overwhelms us with TWO hours of 15 (!) of the most photogenic mega-men ever to be assembled, in tropical settings. Luxury and lust abound. How can so many excruciatingly gorgeous men exist in one room without reaching some supernovae of orgasm? For two otherworldly hours we are flush with foreskins. Round, tight rumps jut out in anxious welcome for ample cocks get buried p to their trim tanned balls. Lay back. Relax. Bask in a sauna of sensuality. Gorge upon an exotic beef-feast dished up on a silver platter in a phallic paradise. All that and a bag of chips - plus a soda - with ice". - HONCHO


Starring Ferenc Botos, Kalman Faudi, Sergei Jordanov, Randy Foreman, Sandor Vesanyi, Alexei Gromoff, Atilla Sipos, Mateo Torres, Csaba Zsiros, Yuri Breshnev, Sasha Brorov, Gyula Kovacs, Zsolt Kopazs, Gabriel Garcia and Adriano Sabroso.

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Write a review | No reviews for this product.