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Down Austin Lane (DVD)


Let's be honest, sometimes you just cannot put your finger on why a porn flick is so damn hot! It's just a feeling you get, right? When asked, you say "well, the sex was hot, the guys were hot, I don't know, it was just, um, hot."

I would sound like a real nerd if I told you the secret was technical proficiency. Oh, sit back down and stop groaning, I'm not going to bore you after that decidedly un-hot sentiment. Instead, I am going to describe to you the technical proficiency, the extreme and evident love of craft that has been infused into "Down Austin Lane" by director Chi Chi LaRue.

After some teasing credits, we start in the office of psychologist Nino Bacci (for those of you with problems you feel need professional assistance, I would suggest looking him up, and down, and up, and down). His current patient, the mono-named Austin (like Madonna -- or Cher), has some unhealthy sexual desires he needs to overcome. He sees these visions of men having sex. Oh, sit back down again! He THINKS he's straight, so naturally these visions are upsetting. Nino puts him on the couch so he can get hard without being seen, and asks Austin to describe one of them.

His vision is of a surprisingly clean video arcade where Lane Fuller has just come in, much to the delight of denizens David, Luke Savage and Luke Sabre. Clint Cooper is the lucky one who ends up with Lane in the hallway and a truly amazing scene starts. As the first three guys watch and jack off in the background, Lane and Clint make out aggressively. Lane gets into position and starts a master suck on Clint. Lane has those luscious lips meant for this sort of thing. Wonderfully shadowy lighting is streaked across the scene so that all we see is Lane sucking Clint while Clint's fabulous abs heave in delight. The rest of the guys come over, ready for their turns, and this is where the scene explodes with sexual tension and the art of great direction. Lane doesn't suck any of them. They wait and wait, but he is there for Clint only. Clint forces Lane's face on other crotches for a teasing second, but ultimately brings sweet Lane right back home to his own dick. Clint then turns in a fantastic rim on Lane's perky ass, smothering it with his tongue, lips and fingers before settling on Lane's thick cock. The other guys are still begging to be in on the action, but this is simply a two-man show. You will practically jump out of your seat in anticipation of some group action, but that waiting causes you to watch that much more anxiously. Clint bends Lane over for a powerful fuck, and once again, you think this is the moment where the other guys will join in. Lane can easily suck them while being fucked, right? Wrong. They want it, you want them to get it, it ain't gonna happen. Each does get to cum on Lane's perfectly-toned back as consolation. At the end of the scene, Lane turns to the camera and gives it this look that is so sexy you have to turn away. It's like when that really great guy in the bar looks at you and you just have to look away because the intensity of his beautiful stare is too much. Or is that just me? No matter what aspect of this scene grabs you, and there is plenty to enjoy, you cannot argue that Lane Fuller is a true sensation in it.

Nino brings Austin back from this fantasy. (Damn.)

But, giving into his desires, Austin goes to a dirty bookstore where, cleverly, the customers are the men from the previous fantasy. He buys a video (by the same director, if I'm not mistaken) and takes it home. But, he falls into another fantasy as the video starts.

On a sofa is Lane Fuller!

Gay or straight, why would Lane Fuller in anyone's fantasy be a problem? He is partnered with brunette stud Alex Wilcox and shows off the same skills as before. Lane takes every inch of the Wilcox cock. Throughout this scene, he gazes over and over in that too-too sexy way at the camera. Just writing about it is getting me all excited again.

I'll be right back ...

Okay, okay, where was I? Oh, Alex gives back to Lane's cock as well as he gets. Then, as the two make out, Lane locks his legs around Alex's dick and gives him, and us, a tease of tightness to come. This scene is shot in a slower speed video that has you on the edge of your seat waiting for it to move faster, a different kind of erotic tension from the previous scene's edginess. More and more eye shots. Lane tells the camera directly, or rather the expectant viewer: "I want him to stick his cock in my ass." A sentiment that you've been shouting at the screen for some time, no doubt. The ensuing fuck is magical. The two work together so well that you see inches and inches of Alex's cock going in and out of Lane's ass from below, as opposed to the usual inch right above the condom line. Alex thrusts in and out and then rests as Lane bounces, taking turns to heighten all sensation and giving each other a rest to make this all last longer. Alex further pretties Lane's face with his cream, and Lane, head hanging off the sofa, shoots another wonder. Lane once again takes one last loving look at the camera in Austin's fantasy and when Alex goes to do the same, it's not Alex, its?

Nino is at home with his boyfriend Dillon Pierce, explaining that he cannot get Austin's case out of his mind. Is he getting too involved? After all, talking to Dillon, he has visions too. Nino goes to leave and Dillon offers to cook dinner since he's got no plans.

No plans, huh? Next thing you know, he's on his knees in the backyard giving ample head to Shane Rockford. Not only that, Chad Savage is attempting to do the same for Dean Phoenix's uniquely-shaped prick while Tom Adams is in the pool alone with his dick. Everyone sucks, everyone has great hair, everyone's body glistens in the warm sun and everyone gets used to the sound of birds chirping. We get some fantastic camera angles, such as the one that shows a close-up of Chad still trying to master Dean while Shane and Dillon cavort in the background. They change partners and positions until we settle in on Chad giving Dean one hell of a butt-munch. Oh, by the way, realizing it will takes all of his body parts working together to master the Dean monster, Chad had finally succeeded, brilliantly. The rest of the guys watch this butt wetting until Shane swats Chad aside and takes his turn. Then, Dillon takes over. Then Tom. With increasing speed, and thus increasing sexual energy, they each aim their tongues at smirking Dean's ass. Two at a time, one pushing another out of the way, one losing his shot when he turns to suck a cock, it's a veritable spinning carousel-of-men-gone-mad! The timing is exceedingly clever. Soon enough, though, Dillon is on his back being fucked by Shane. Until Dean takes over. Until Tom moves in. Until Chad, that is. Each has a different fucking style, but Dillon accommodates them all. After each cums a healthy mineral-rich stream onto Dillon, the gang jumps into a sumptuously-lit pool for some fade-out frolic.

Back at Nino's, where the doc can be found looking every bit as sexy in a suit as he does out of one, Austin tells Nino he has had his breakthrough, he has found what he needed, and dives to suck face with his shrink. Nino and his adorable dimples go to work on Austin's cock, as he's wanted to do for a long time, you suspect. With yet another scene full of remarkable camera angles (some so joyously strange in this video you wonder as to their physical possibility), Nino receives a royal reciprocal blow. Oh, wait, I should point out something here -- fellas, when choosing your next therapist, pick one with a bed in his office. Austin sits on Nino's face for some ass eating time. Watching Nino's perfectly square jaw chow down on Austin's perfectly shaped butt is worthy of whatever time the director decides to linger on it. Then, Austin moves from sitting over Nino's face for a tongue-fuck to sitting over Nino's waist for a real fuck, which Nino executes so ferociously well you see all the muscles in the back of his legs working overtime. The camera is wise to catch that detail in a shot long enough to still show plenty of sublime fucking, complete with smacking sounds that more than suggest a really good time being had. Austin then hammers Nino on the stairs for a brief time, and Nino proves to be perhaps the film's most adept bottom, before they both cum substantial loads on the lower floor. Ever the concerned psychologist, Nino hopes he "can help the next patient as much." Now, that line might concern anyone who has just found his true love, but Austin doesn't blink before agreeing and inviting Nino over for some fun later that night.

Nino has another patient waiting in his office reading the newspaper. When the doctor announces it's his turn, the patient turns out to be?

The sex in "Down Austin Lane" literally bursts off the screen. Lane Fuller and Nino Bacci turn in supreme performances, the only problem being the fact that they don't appear in every scene. Austin is superb himself, but sharing the tape's name with someone as professional and downright sexy as Lane Fuller would be unfortunate for just about anyone. Even the script by Doug Jeffries is worthy. LaRue seems to have put a lot of love into this tape, not just throwing together a bunch of guys and letting them do all the work. The handprints of a director with talent and ideas are all over these scenes. I threw a lot of technical stuff into this little discussion and I hope it wasn't annoying, shattering any erotic mood. The details I described sure as hell won't detract from any enjoyment watching the tape, or making it, I have a feeling. Take a trip "Down Austin Lane" -- but, hands off if you find a sexy shrink, he's mine!

A DVD Review by Brent Blue,

*** Highly Recommended ***

Starring Austin, Dean Phoenix, Luke Savage, Nino Bacci, Luke Sabre, Chad Savage, Shane Rockford, David, Clint Cooper, Alex Wilcox, Lane Fuller, Dillon Pierce and Tom Adams.

Directed by Chi Chi LaRue.

DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Listings; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding.

An All Worlds DVD

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Write a review | No reviews for this product.