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ammo-dump-aw_tn.jpg Ammo Dump (DVD)
$39.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Starring: Dray Stone, G.I. Ginge, Niles, Rick, River Lowe, and Tyler Trump. An All Worlds Video DVD.
arabian-exposure-2_tn.jpg Arabian Exposure 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
The Mystery returns! They will get you involved in a very mysterious, Arabic way. They know the art of seduction. They are attractive and powerful. You will beg for more and more... An Oh Man! Studios DVD.
auntie-bobs-amateurs-1-auntie-bob-tn Auntie Bob's Amateurs 01: Cumming Hard (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Meet TJ, is 20, straight, lean, hot, has 8" of cut hard dick, and loves being in front of the camera. Shawn is also 20, & str8 this was his first time in front of a camera and he was a bit nervous. Next my favorite muscle boy Brian, 20 years old blonde & washboard abs, and 7 inches of hard cock. I got some great shots over his shoulder, from behind watching that muscle ass of his. Up last is Brad to help you shoot another load, he's 19, 6'6", dark hair, and a lean hard 9 inches. Starring: TJ, Shawn, Brian, Brad. An Auntie Bob DVD.
auntie-bobs-amateurs-2-auntie-bob-tn Auntie Bob's Amateurs 02: Showing It Off (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Ryan is 6'0", 180#, blonde, 21. He's a college swimmer/diver at a university here in CA. He's between meets so I got him with his legs & chest, hairy. If your into a speedo tan line, thick hairy legs on a real swimmers body, and a big thick cock, your gonna love this guy. I got some killer ass footage of him, you will love his moves as he humps the bed. Junior, is Str8, 19, 5'9", 155, about 7" cut cock. Bleached blonde with a street kid look about him. Lean & smooth except for his crotch. He's nervous as hell about being taped while he Jacks off, and doesn't say a word, the look on his face is intense most of the time & he looks nervously. Starring: TJ, Ryan, Junior, Shawn. An Auntie Bob DVD.
auntie-bobs-amateurs-3-auntie-bob-tn Auntie Bob's Amateurs 03: Cum For Me (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
This video starts out with Kevin; He is shy about his face being shown on the web site, but not on the video. He is a natural on tape but just started at a university in Northern Ca. & A.B. promised to keep his face pics desecrate. Ryan is back 6'0", 180#, blonde, 21 yrs. old & 8 1/2 inches of thick cut meat. He's a ranked college diver & this piece of tape was shot pretty close to the tape in Video #2 so he still hadn't shaved off his body hair, I was happy about that, I love those thick hairy legs. Next up is Mike; if you’re into baby faced 18 yr olds that shoot 6 ft. He's your man. A.B. met Mike on the Internet & within an hour had his finger up Mike’s ass. Lots of different camera shots, there isn't an inch of this guy you don't see, up close! Brad, 18, 6'6", 9' cut, this guy is one big hot man. This is his first time on tape, he had told me about his 9" cock & he wasn't lying, He fucks his hand with that big dick. Starring: Kevin, Ryan, Mike, Brad. An Auntie Bob DVD.
auntie-bobs-amateurs-4-auntie-bob-tn Auntie Bob's Amateurs 04: Horny As Hell (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
This video starts out with TJ for you die hard TJ fans. He was horny as hell when we shot this so he's out of his clothes & stroking it hard & fast. In the mood to watch some hot sucking? Kevin from Video #3 gets blown by Kyle, a hot 20 yr. old. A.B. shot this awhile back & finally got them to agree to let him use it. Junior decided to pay Auntie Bob another visit & A.B. couldn't resist more tape of his hot cock. Junior decided to pay Auntie Bob another visit & A.B. couldn't resist more tape of his hot cock. Kevin & Kyle are back again to finish off this video. This scene starts off with Kyle giving Kevin head, & ends with Kevin fucking Kyle. Starring: TJ, Kevin, Kyle, Junior, Mike, Auntie Bob. An Auntie Bob DVD.
auntie-bobs-amateurs-5-auntie-bob-tn Auntie Bob's Amateurs 05: Straight Dudes Shooting (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
The first 2 scenes on this video are: Kevin stroking his cock, with lots of help from A.B. It’s shot on the couch & Kevin cums all over A.B.'s hand. You can see the great look on his face as he shoots his load. Next is TJ in 10 min clip, he was horny that day (big surprise) & just went for it, Scooby Doo boxers & all! Junior Showed up a little later the same day TJ did, he had a need to cum! Auntie Bob was happy to help. You’re going to love this next guy; he's a blonde 20 yr. old str8 muscle stud. He is in the next 2 scenes. First scene is Brian stroking his cock solo for A.B. With a couple min of chat as he's stripping, its about 20 min of him stroking that hot cock, lots of different angles & positions, till he is on his knees & shoots his load all over the floor. Starring: Kevin, TJ, Junior, Brian. An Auntie Bob DVD.
auntie-bobs-amateurs-6-auntie-bob-tn Auntie Bob's Amateurs 06: Big Loads (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
This one starts off with Mike (18). He looks like the 18 yr. old that you see hanging out at Taco Bell with his buddies, wearing his baggy pants, his cap backwards & your wondering what he would look like naked & hard. Next up Kevin (18) & Kyle (22) are back for some more hot fun. Kyle doesn't waste any time & strips Kevin out of his shirt & shorts & goes right for that hot cock of Kevin's. Next up is a side-by-side Jack Off fest. We have Junior (20), who has been on a few of A.B.'s tapes & new guy Jason, (18), 6’2", about 195, strawberry blonde, & 9 inches of thick cut cock! This guy is a babe, & what a cock! Next up is Scott, another new guy. He's 24, gay, lean, blonde, with really blue eyes, semi hairy chest & loved showing off his cut & curved 7" in front of A.B.'s camera. Starring: Mike, Jyle, Kevin, Junior, Jason, Scott, Auntie Bob. An Auntie Bob DVD.
auntie-bobs-amateurs-7-auntie-bob-tn Auntie Bob's Amateurs 07: Horny Marine (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
First on this video is Scott (24), back for round two. He's on the couch watching a fuck flick & out of his shorts & sweater in no time; he's hard as a rock by the time he gets naked. Your not going to believe what A.B. has next; he's a buddy of A.B.'s. A.B. finally talked him into doing some video for him. Steven is butch 22 & gay, A.B. couldn't resist a few really tight close-ups of his blue eyes & that short military cut blonde hair, appropriate since he's a Marine. OK, here we are about 2 days later & Mike is hanging out with A.B. & guess who calls, you got it, Stephen. So this time A.B. decides to tape Mike & Steven playing, with the intention of you getting to see it! Starring: Scott, Steven, Mike, Auntie Bob. An Auntie Bob DVD.
auntie-bobs-amateurs-8-auntie-bob-tn Auntie Bob's Amateurs 08: Drop The Boxers & Pass The Lube (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
First up is Jr. naked on the bed, he starts soft so you get to see him get hard as he watches porn & strokes his cock. Those of you that have seen Jr. before know that he's usually a bit uptight when he gets taped by A.B. but seeing this time you might think he's starting to get off on it. Mike is next, dressed in jeans, leather motorcycle jacket, & no shirt. This starts out with Mike rubbing his cock through his jeans, but that doesn't last long A.B. grabs that crotch & strips Mike out of those pants just enough to get his hands on that hardening cock. Jr. & Jason are next, kickin back on AB's bed side by side, in their boxers watching some porn. These guys are locker room talk every time they get together, & they are pretty funny to listen to, as well as hot to watch, Jason with his 9" cock, & Jr. armed with his 7". Pretty quick, its drop the boxers pass the lube, & lets get down to business. Not done yet, next is Kevin & Kyle. They start out side by side in their boxers stroking each other’s cocks. That doesn't last too long because Kyle wants that hot cock in his mouth & he gets it, he hits his knees & starts to suck on that hot cock of Kevin's. Starring: Jr., Mike, Jason, Kevin, Kyle, Auntie Bob. An Auntie Bob DVD.
auntie-bobs-amateurs-9-auntie-bob-tn Auntie Bob's Amateurs 09: Watch Me (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Auntie Bob has had a lot of Email asking for a cum shot tape, so here it is plus 2 scenes not on any other tape. This tape is a compilation of 5 - 10 min clips from some of A.B.'s videos; you’re not going to hear much chat on this tape. This next is a new scene. A guy that A.B. decided not to use for his video's, yep that's right not using him. Ok next piece of tape is also not on any other A.B. video; it’s our bud Mike. He called A.B. & said he had an idea & wanted A.B. to tape him going for it. His idea was this, he wanted to get taped jacking off while fucking himself with a dildo. Starring: Mike, Alan, Thomas, Auntie Bob. An Auntie Bob DVD.
auntie-bobs-amateurs-10-auntie-bob-tn Auntie Bob's Amateurs 10: Stroker Boiz (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
This one starts off with one of A.B.'s favorite guys these days, Mike, its a quick 8 min piece of tape. Mike was pretty ready to get off considering A.B. went down on him for about 20 min before he started shooting this piece of tape. Next up is a piece of tape that's going to surprise you, Its Jason again, this time solo. Well kind of solo, his girlfriend really likes to watch him jack off & asked if she could be there when A.B. shot the tape of Jason stroking his cock. Being the open-minded guy he is A.B. went for it, so Jason's GF is in the room watching A.B. videotape Jason working that 9 inches of his. Ok now this is where it gets even more interesting. We shot the previous piece of tape in the afternoon, later the same day A.B. gets a visit from Jason, his GF & our friend Steven, hmm this is getting to be a fun day! Not done yet, next we have our buddy TJ, A.B. shot this tape a while back & finally got around to putting it on a video. TJ starts out dressed & plays with that fine chest of his after bailing on his shirt. Starring: Mike, Jason, Steven, TJ. An Auntie Bob DVD.
auntie-bobs-amateurs-11-auntie-bob-tn Auntie Bob's Amateurs 11: I can Cum Twice, You? (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Auntie Bob has four hotties locked-n-loaded to nut twice for you! See Taylor, John, Jason & Mike unload their boy juice just for you! Starring: Taylor, John, Jason, Mike. An Auntie Bob DVD.
auntie-bobs-amateurs-12-auntie-bob-tn Auntie Bob's Amateurs 12: Dudes Get Blown! (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Watch these "Dudes Get Blown!" in this volume of Auntie Bob's Amateurs see a hard body college gymnast do a naked hand stand and then have his tasty boy juice sucked out of him by Auntie Bob! Starring: Steve, Mario, Jason, Mike, Auntie Bob. An Auntie Bob DVD.
auntie-bobs-amateurs-13-auntie-bob-tn Auntie Bob's Amateurs 13: TJ & The Hand Job! (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
It's time for to see Tj, Taylor, Mike, Sebastian, Tynan with Auntie Bob's 13 volume of his Amateur Videos! Starring: Taylor, Mike, Sebastian, Tj, Tynan, Auntie Bob. An Auntie Bob DVD.
auntie-bobs-amateurs-14_tn.jpg Auntie Bob's Amateurs 14: I Love Your Cum Face (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Its airborne time! I met this southern army stud on line, turns out he was going to be almost next door during a holiday visit. This clip is "the morning after" Mitch had spent the night with me, I woke him up by sucking his cock. After getting this stud rock hard I pried myself off his cock, and grabbed the camera. Mario's back for more of my cock, and I'm happy to help out. Within a few seconds of turning the camera on, Mario is on his knees & sucking my dick. He gives me another killer blow job until I shoot my load onto Mario's face. Oh yeah, he cums too :). Starring: Mitch, Mario, Taylor, TJ, Kyle, Jason, Auntie Bob. An Auntie Bob DVD.
bareback_island_street_corner_tn Bareback Island (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Bareback Island was handsomely filmed entirely on location in exotic Brazil. Feel the heat as the steamy-hot guys in director Manuel Suave's Bareback Island hits the sexual nail on the head with it's ocean frolics and creamy loads. It's certain to leave your dick drooling. Starring: Alan Black, Alber Charles, Anthony Gimenez, Antony Caputo, Arcanjo Amaro, Cristian Torquato, Eduardo (II), Junior Pavanelo, Roberth, Roger (II). Directed by: Manuel Suave. A Street Corner / Oh Man! DVD.
bareback_island_2_oh_man_tn.JPG Bareback Island 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Bareback Island 2 captures the charm and unselfconscious physicality of these young studs. This steamy sequel to the original features eleven hot men spread over five sizzling scenes. Once again, these beautiful men were filmed entirely on location in Brazil around a secluded ocean cove and surrounded by a lush jungle. Watch the sexual tension burn beneath the sunny surface as these studs vent their irrepressible, passionate and mutual lust. In this hotter-than-ever exotic and erotic backdrop, it truly is a paradise cum true! Directed by: Manuel Suave. A Street Corner Studio / Oh Man! DVD.
bareback-the-punk_tn.jpg Bareback the Punk (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Thirsty hungry boys that just can't get enough. They want hard, raw and rough action. Blow that juice load on their faces and they will ask for more. That's right, FUCK THE PUNK! An Oh Man! Studios DVD.
barebacking-in-colombia_tn.jpg Barebacking In Colombia (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Heavy pounding is in the air...In Colombia they sure know how to fuck a hot ass for hours. They get right down to business. These guys are smoking hot! They know how to give pleasure, fucking a man really good. Deeper and deeper! An Oh Man! Studios DVD.