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bike_boyz_lfc_tn Bike Boyz (DVD) (d)
$49.88 $15.00 On Sale!
Horny Latin couriers deliver the biggest loads! They`ve much more than a bicycle between their legs! A Latino Fan Club DVD.
bisex_farmyard_fun_tn.jpg Bisex Farmyard Fun (DVD) (d)
$49.88 $15.00 On Sale!
A hard cock needs a tight hole - down on our farm it doesn't matter who provides it!!! These lads and lasses are happy to share everything! Starring: Baziant, Christopher, Daria Glower, Ludek Altman, Matej Beran, Richard Hrosik, Tera Joy, Vanya Michailovic, Viktor Vesely. Directed by William Higgins. A William Higgins Productions DVD.
doctor-eros-top-dog-tn Doctor Eros (DVD) (d)
$39.88 $15.00 On Sale!
The doctor is in and his prescription for what ails you is a hard cock injection! These doctors are ready to do whatever it takes to get you back to health! Starring: Derrick Paul, Danny Lopez, Max Sanchez, Sean Michael Bradley, Gabriel Dalessandro, Pure Saviour, Brandon Stone, Skylar Grey. Director: Buddy Big. A Top Dog DVD.
Horse-Hung Hispanics 20 (DVD) (d)
$49.88 $15.00 On Sale!
They're Super Sized! Eight new 'Rican Ruffnecks. Starring Angel, Mike, Flaco, Dario, Bernardo, Jaime, Vladimir and Rodrigo. Directed by Brian Brennan. A Latino Fan Club DVD.
house_of_she-males_01_tn.jpg House of She-Males 01 (DVD) (d)
$49.88 $15.00 On Sale!
Nacho Vidal has searched far and wide and come up with an amazing assortment of beautiful Trannies in all shades and colors and sizes! These Girly Men are here to show you their stuff, and then blow a wad just for you! Stop in for an incredible show the girls are working out and you get to enjoy every perverted minute of it! Directed by Nacho Vidal. An Evil Angel DVD.
jackaroos-kb_tn.jpg Jackaroos (DVD) (d)
$53.88 $48.49 On Sale!
An Australian Outback Sex Adventure! Kristen's second Australian video features the men of the rugged outback, known to Australians as "Jackaroos". Starring Hogan Malony, Blue Vainer, Josh Sherwood, Arturo Ramirez, Sean Davis, Boy Dickson, Dingo McGee, Brumby Jack, and Geoffrey Cox.

she-male-xtasy-2-tn.jpg She Male Xtasy 02 (DVD) (d)
$29.88 $15.00 On Sale!
All the fun of tits! All the fun of a dick! At the same time! Experience She Male Xtasy here right now! These She-males love getting tag-teamed by two young studs and they love getting pounded in the ass! Determined to get every last drop of cum out of these cocks, these she-males go the distance. What's the best part of fucking a she-male? You know she didn't fake her orgasm because she shot cum all over the place! Starring: Laura, Erika, Andrea Nobili, Eva Ciccone, Gabriele, Ringo. A Heatwave DVD.
she-male-heaven-2-tn.jpg She-Male Heaven 02 (DVD) (d)
$29.88 $15.00 On Sale!
A heavenly surprise awaits you! The shemales are back and hornier than ever. They look beautiful and carry a big dick! If you thought you knew how to pound on an anus, you haven't met these shemales yet. They love to suck dick, and love to take it up the ass. They can't get enough of it. Starring: Veronica, Bruna, Jaqueline, Vaz, Suellen, Yago. A Heatwave DVD.
she-malez-n-da-hood-1-tn.jpg She-Malez 'N Da Hood 01 (DVD) (d)
$29.88 $15.00 On Sale!
Hot sexy she-males from the hood! Keepin' it real! These big titted ladies bearing cock ain't no joke - black, white, or even deaf, they'll fuck you silly and suck you dry. Starring: Drew Andrews, Rogue, Silvia Boots, Lady Lauren. A Metropolis / Heatwave DVD.
side_bi_side_dvd_tn.jpg Side-Bi-Side (DVD) (d)
$49.88 $15.00 On Sale!
Bi-Sexuality, International Style! Starring Fabrizo, Sharyl, Alan, Elisa, Paulo Mack, Marcello, Viviane, Giuna, Chris Bell, Christiano and Mauro Mansen. A Jet Set/Marina Pacific International DVD.
trannies_rio_5_tn.jpg Trannies In Rio 5 (DVD) (d)
$29.88 $15.00 On Sale!
Beautiful Brazil where the girls are just as hot as the climate, where girls will be boys and where these boys with tits love to suck cock and take it up the ass and that's the only way to fuck these girls. A Bacchus DVD.
Viva Latino! (DVD) (d)
$49.88 $15.00 On Sale!
Check out our new discoveries, Taino & Gino, in this DVD packed with the kind of macho man-on-man action Latino Fan Club is famous for. All new - and an all-star cast of Latin macho meat - and mega uncut heat! Directed by Brian Brennan. A Latino Fan Club DVD.
wicked_shemale_tricks_tn.jpg Wicked She-Male Tricks (DVD) (d)
$29.88 $15.00 On Sale!
With big luscious tits and squeaky tight asses, these man-made creations are designed for total pleasure with the extra added bonus of big squirting she-cocks! Starring Alex Williams, Cole Phillips, Danny Kamon, Jonny Gitaur, Justine Debette, Laura Woods, Sharon Kane, Stan Regio. A Vidco Entertainment / Star Gaze DVD.